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  1. Basic Features Comparision of Garrett AT Pro Vs AT Gold 1. Operating Frequency. The Garrett AT Pro comes with an operating frequency of 15 kHz while the AT Gold has a slightly higher 18 kHz operating frequency. The difference in operating frequency between these two detectors affects much in terms of each detector's performance
  2. ation so you can set which targets are acceptable and which aren't. You'll find the AT Pro at a lower price point
  3. This article will discuss and compare the Garrett AT Pro with its more specialized counterpart, the AT Gold. The main difference is that the AT Gold is more suited for gold prospecting with its higher 18 kHz frequency, smaller 5×8 DD coil, true all-metal mode, and other features
  4. eralization too
  5. Garrett AT Pro Vs AT Gold: Quick Comparison. Both metal detectors are excellent and quality metal hunters. Most of the metal detectors made by Garrett Company have been able to create a lot of brand value in the market. Both the machines detect metal through target ID, which is quite unique in terms of sensitivity

Garrett metal detectors make two very similar but different priced waterproof metal detectors in their AT series detectors. The VERY popular all around metal detector the 15 kHz Garrett AT Pro and the super sensitive 18 kHz Garrett AT GOLD.. While on the outside they look extremely close to each other the inside are very different The AT Pro doesn't include this feature. Both detectors can be adjusted from 43 up to 56. The AT Gold is marginally lighter at 2.8lbs compared to 3.03lbs. Like most Garrett detectors, there are several detachable parts for easier transportation and storage The Garrett at Pro vs Garrett at Gold, the two most popular metal detectors on the list of all great metal detectors, and these two metal detectors have been equally praise

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AT Pro: The Garrett AT Pro is a time-tested professional detector that is hailed for finding relics, coins, gold jewelry and all metals! AT Pro made its television debut on the television show, Diggers, with hosts K.G. and Ringy as the TV cast used this model in all terrains to find relics In this test I will put the Garrett AT Gold up against the Garrett AT pro in an air test to see if there is any advantage to either machine. If you are inter.. The Garrett AT Gold metal detector has only one operation mode which is made of three separate programs that include descrim1, descrim 2 and the all metal mode. This variability is one of the major strength of this metal detector against the Garrett AT Pro

Garrett has rectified this small but annoying problem with the AT Max, but it persists in the Pro and Gold models. This means you can't really search in falling light, and in bright sunshine, it's hard to see the display and you have to rely on audio Watch a side-by-side video look at the Garrett AT Pro and the Garrett AT Gold metal detectors so we can compare and contrast the two and, hopefully, help you..

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What does gold read as on the Garrett AT Pro? I try to answer this question with a side by side comparison. If you are not digging any gold then watch this.. A Detailed Comparison of The Garrett AT Pro vs The Garrett ACE 400 Frequency. The Garrett ACE 400 works on an adjustable 10 kHz whereas the Garrett AT Pro has an adjustable 15 kHz.. Higher frequencies have shorter wavelengths and are better for finding small things like tiny gold nuggets - so the Pro will pick up more but it won't penetrate as deeply as the ACE 400's lower frequency Minelab E-TRAC, Garrett AT Gold, or The XP Deus? If you know me and followed some of my adventures from my YouTube channel, you know I am a big fan of the Garrett AT Pro. I've been using it now for a couple of years with no complaints A Detailed Comparison of The Garrett AT Pro vs The Garrett AT Max Frequency. The Garrett AT Pro runs on 15kHz and the Garrett AT Max on 13.6 kHz.. Both search out small targets on their higher frequencies. The Pro's 15 kHz is more likely to find small stuff and the Max's 13.6kHz will penetrate that bit deeper Over the summer, Garrett released its newest addition to the AT Series of metal detectors; the Garrett AT Max.The Garrett AT Max joins the Garrett AT Pro and the Garrett AT Gold as the third installment in a series of excellent waterproof metal detectors. However, you may find yourself asking what exactly the difference is between all three of these metal detectors

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The Garrett AT Pro and the Garrett AT Gold also include a target identification signal that rates the target metal's conductivity on a scale of 0-99 so that the user knows exactly what they are getting. Garrett AT Pro. These two metal detectors have automatic and manual ground balance to counteract ground mineralization Looking for Garrett at pro vs AT gold professional metal detectors comparison and reviews? Garret is one of the famous yet reliable metal detecting brands. This company is known for its high-quality products around the globe. Each of their items is highly effective, durable and worth your money Compare from 16 key differences between Garrett AT Pro vs Gold metal detectors comparison. Compare Garrett AT Pro vs Garrett AT Gold on price, full specifications, features & reviews at CompareClick Garrett AT Gold Vs Garrett AT Pro Thread starter Molon Labe; Start date Aug 24, 2014; M. Molon Labe Jr. Member. Feb 4, 2014 88 31 PA Detector(s) used Garret Ace 350 Primary Interest: All Treasure Hunting Aug 24, 2014 #1 Hello.

Garrett had this chart comparing the two detectors: AT Gold vs AT Pro | GarrettCentral.com My questions are: Being from Michigan, and having no saltwater around, what is the benefit of 18 vs 15kHz? What is True- All metal mode? How is that different from no discrimination? I'm also not really sure what Threshold Adjustment means I just bought a new Garrett AT Gold and my reasons were because... 1. 18 kH vs 15 kH... The Gold operates at a slightly higher frequency which makes it more sensative to smaller targets such as Gold Nuggets. 2. True All Metal Mode... The Gold has it and the Pro does not Prospecting gear: Used - Whites GM3, GM2, GMT, ML XT17000, ML X-Terra 305, Garrett Gold Stinger, Tesoro Vaquero, Nokta RS pinpointer, Minelab Explorer SE Pro/Etrac, Ace 250 Current - XP Deus, Equinox 600, Makro Racer 2, Fisher F75, Tesoro Tejon, Teknetics G2, Whites SPP, Garrett Infinium, XP MI-6, Whites Bullseye TRX, Deteknix X-pointer, Garrett AT Pointe Der at gold hat eine such frequenz von 18khz nicht 15khz wie der at pro. Von Haus aus hat der AT Gold eine kleinere Spule wie der AT Pro. Bei beiden fehlt leider die Lautstärke Regelung und Display Beleuchtung. Wasserdicht bis 3 Meter sind beide und Gestänge selbe Bauart. Das Display..

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Garrett AT Pro vs Minelab Safari In the category Metal Detectors more articles and learn more information about Garrett AT Pro vs Minelab Safari Reviews Price Specifications Features Image manuals videos amazon ebay kellyco Accessories All this in metal detectors for gold The AT Pro model also allows users to choose between the Standard and Pro audio unlike the AT Max that only features Pro, thus making the Max less suitable for beginners. Though it lacks a backlit screen and wireless headphones, the Garrett AT Pro is a high-quality metal detector that is not only easy to use but provides value for money as well The Garrett AT (All-Terrain) series of metal detectors features the Garrett AT Pro, the Garrett AT Gold, and the Garrett AT Max. The most common concern among potential buyers is figuring out the differences between the Garrett AT Pro vs. Max metal detectors I know the AT GOLD has a higher 19 KHz than the MXT I believe at 14 KHz which is quite a difference. I see a lot of people like them both and read Steves article on gold detectors. I have a chance to get a 2 month old MXT all Pro with 2 extra coils one being the 4x6 Sharpshooter for about the same price as the Garrett AT GOLD new

I discovered this and thought I'd post it. ATP owners often get real emotional about theirs, but this does show somewhat of a difference between the two for.. Compare from 23 key differences between Garrett AT Gold vs Max metal detectors comparison. Compare Garrett AT Gold vs Garrett AT Max on price, full specifications, features & reviews at CompareClick

All these features combined make the Gold Bug Pro an ideal choice whether searching for gold in streams or backyards, relic hunting on old battlefields, or even just doing some casual beachcombing! Garrett AT Gold. The Garrett AT Gold is an all-terrain gold detector that's rugged, easy-to-use, and lightweight AT Pro vs AT Max All About Detectors. I had a at pro and became very good with it. A decent detector , if you have the money and are looking for a top notch detector that beats the garretts hands down buy a deus and skip the at series New Comparison Guide for Garrett AT Max vs AT Pro vs AT Gold Metal Detectors Share this story. Posted on November 16, 2018. Among the most popular metal detectors in the world are the Garrett AT Max, AT Pro and AT Gold


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I have a friend who is new to MDing and wants a combo detector for nuggets/coinshooting/ghost towning and thinks waterproofing is a good idea. Besides the waterproof aspect, 1. How do these compare on nuggets? 2. How do these compare on coin shooting? 3. Any thoughts on the AT Gold iron audio.. Garrett Ace 400 Metal Detector. The top of the line in Garrett's ACE lineup, the ACE 400 comes with advanced features that will help you find more treasure and dig through less trash. These features include Iron Audio, Digital Target ID, and Frequency Adjust. If you are looking to step up to an advanced unit take a look at the ACE 400 Garrett AT PRO or X-Terra 705? Both devices are interesting and bring the findings. If you need a good device for river and lake beaches - AT PRO will be preferred due to its waterproof up to 3 meters, it will be possible to swim and not worry about the device on the sea beach and in the water Garrett GTI 2500 Pro Package Metal Detector. Love it . My starter was a garrest gt350. This one is much nicer and easier to use. Nice and easy. I'm still testing it out, but it's obviously very capable and cleverly designed. Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector. A very light weight metal detector and it was easy to assemble The AT Pro ™ features advanced, proportional (Pro) audio modes. This allows the user to hear subtle changes in a target's response. Proportional audio also helps the user to better judge a target's size, shape and depth and has the additional benefit of a much faster recovery time when detecting adjacent targets

Well done video showing the responses on found targets compared between White's MX Sport and Garrett AT Pro. These machines are fairly comparable although the AT Pro lacks the true threshold based all metal mode that is offered on the MX Sport. The Garrett AT Gold adds that mode and might be a be.. So the Garrett AT Max is almost ready to release for 2017 and we could not be more excited. The Garrett AT Pro and Garrett AT Gold have been outstanding machines and often our favorite mid to high level metal detector to use and to point our customer toward. If price, value, performance, depth, al

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  1. 01-18-2012, 08:06 PM. fieldsjoe89. New Member. Join Date: Jan 2012. Location: Eastern Nc. Posts: 22. White's MXT Pro vs Garrett At Pro. I have contacted a few sponsors in the last day or so asking prices, but I wanted to know what everyone thought was the best of the two
  2. The Garrett AT Pro metal detector — which offers many of the same advanced features as the Garrett AT Gold — is engineered for exceptional performance in dry and wet environments. Compare this model and its accessory options to other models that you will see in our recommendations about underwater metal detectors and beach metal detectors
  3. St. Benedict silver and gold ring with Latin inscriptions, found by Guillermo M. Hoard of 800 Roman bronze radiates, dating to about 260 AD, found by Gary S. Michelle V. found this extremely rare Richard III Half Angel gold hammered coin with her AT Pro International
  4. Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector Review. Marc McDermott. October 7, 2021. Imagine a fully waterproof metal detector packed with expert-level features - all at an affordable price. Imagine a detector that can be used in all terrains and can uncover targets ranging from platinum rings on a saltwater beach, to gold nuggets on a claim out West
  5. eralized East Texas soil. The ground balance does good, but doesn't isn't as good as ground balancing of the Garrett AT Pro / Max. Once you find an object you can pin point the location and approximate depth
  6. ation settings to notch out various types of ferrous metals, including iron. Customers say this is one of the most versatile metal detectors out there

Price. When it comes to the pricing the Garrett AT Pro is priced at a price range of $550 to $700 considering the other accessories that you buy with the unit. AT PRO is a lower mid range machine. However, the price of the Minelab CTX 3030 has a price of around $2500 for a brand new metal detector, almost 2-3 times more than the AT Pro Difference Between Garrett At Pro And Garrett At Max : Garrett At Pro Vs Max Vs Gold Which Metal Detector Is Best / Mineralized soil depth tests for at pro, at max and at gold.. ** with the search coil being a little bigger in size there is no difference between the two headphone related machines.Garrett at max compared to at pro

i want to buy a good metal detector for gold prospecting. which one of these 2 will detect smaller nuggets??which detector has higher depth for gold nuggets??? the at gold is waterproof which is a small advantage. tell me which one is better and will find me more gold. especially small nuggets.. Compare from 20 key differences between Garrett AT Pro vs Max metal detectors comparison. Compare Garrett AT Pro vs Garrett AT Max on price, full specifications, features & reviews at CompareClick

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Compare from 34 key differences between Garrett AT Pro vs Minelab GPZ 7000 metal detectors comparison. Compare Garrett AT Pro vs Minelab GPZ 7000 on price, full specifications, features & reviews at CompareClick Member; 1.2k Location: Colorado Interests: Prospecting, Mineralogy, Metal Detecting, Railroads, Coaching HS Golf, Professional Musician Gear Used: Minelab GPX 6000, Equinox 800/600, Vanquish 440, XP Deus Lite HF Coil, Garrett 24K, Tek-Point, XP MI-6, Gold Hog River Sluices Flow Pan Royal High Banker Joined December 201 Pricing. A huge difference between these two models is the fact that the Minelab CTX 3030 is way more expensive than the Garrett AT Pro. The Garrett is priced around 700USD while the CTX 3030 tops off at $2500, making it three times more expensive than the Garrett Define Dedektör, garett, garret, garrett, garrett ace, garrett ace 150, garrett ace 250, Garrett ace 250 dedektörler, garrett ace 350, garrett at gold, garrett at gold DERİNLİK, garrett at gold fiyat, garrett at gold fiyatı, garrett at gold metal DEDEKTÖR, garrett at gold vs at pro, garrett at pro, garrett atgold, garrett atpro, Garrett.

Hot On Gold Nuggets, Relics, Coins, And Much More! The AT Gold is built withstand dust, dirt, and being submerged to 10 feet. Let nothing stand in the way of your golden pursuit! Garrett MS-2 Headphones included September 20, 2021. Garrett, a company known for offering quality metal detectors like the AT Pro and AT Gold, has unveiled a new all-terrain detector that you can now purchase. If you were a fan of Garrett's AT Pro and AT Gold, you'll want to check out this detector! An all-terrain detector fit for the rigors of rough conditions

Christine Gold, Thank you very much for your reply, and I will certainly look into your suggestions. I've owned a Fisher CZ70 Pro since 2002, so I am really familiar with it and comfortable using it, which is the primary reason I was looking into the Fisher Gold Bug 2 or Gold Bug Pro for gold The Gold Monster also boasts the ability to accurately and more precisely discriminate between ferrous and non-ferrous materials. It can cope better with conductive soils than most higher frequency detectors. 3. Two Search Modes. This is another feature that lends itself well to greater ease of operation, particularly for beginners Garrett Metal Detector. Garrett Metal Detectors is the biggest detector brand in the industry, with a track record for being the worldwide leader for years.. The company serves both the professional and consumer markets by providing every necessary product and accessory for the precise detection of metal

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FINALLY, an all metal mode, this is where the Max really shines. If you're upgrading from the Pro, keep in mind the Max has only Pro tones. Seems to go much deeper than my Ace 300 and not as much junk. Without All Metal Mode, you basically have an AT Pro - or a hybrid of the Pro and the AT Gold - with a few new whizzbangs The Garrett AT Pro is superb. easy to assemble, This is my first detector got it in 2 days after ordering it. took it in my garden within minutes i get a detection dug several inches and found a toy car from 1960s, a few old coins from 1950s and 60s garrett at pro vs minelab external 705 In the category Metal Detectors more articles and learn more information about garrett at pro vs minelab external 705 Reviews Price Specifications Features Image manuals videos amazon ebay kellyco Accessories All this in metal detectors for gold

Detech 8 x 6 SEF Search Coil for Garrett AT Max, AT Pro, AT Gold metal detectors. Best Price Guaranteed. Fast shipping. Authorized Detech dealer Cody Garrett Runnels Rhodes (born June 30, 1985) is an American professional wrestler, promoter, and actor.He is signed to All Elite Wrestling (AEW), where he performs under his real name, he also wrestles as Fuego II as a comedy gimmick. and serves as an Executive Vice President as well. Rhodes is the son of wrestler Dusty Rhodes, and the half-brother of fellow wrestler Dustin Runnels

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100% Best Price Guarantee. Free Shipping Over $125. We Ship Globally. Shop No The ATP has 6 search modes, 3 in standard and 3 in Pro where the ATG has only three, side buy side both machines i think are the best the ATG hits hard on smaller gold. also has a threshold and ground balance window for prospecting now this i miss if Garrett would put this on the ATP wow, i guess that's why where having this conversation.lol Good luck you can't go wrong with either one Garrett AT Series Comparison https://www.metaldetector.com/learn/field-tests-and-reviews-by-brand/garrett/garrett-at-series-comparison-at-pro-at-gold-and-at-ma

The AT GOLD is a whole different machine compared to the AT Pro. I was using the AT Pro & then moved to the AT Gold. You wouldn't think there would be much of a learning curve would you? But there was. But it clicked pretty quick & yes it does go deeper then the AT Pro. It's also a lot more sensitive & that takes getting used to White's M6 hits hard on gold jewelry and silver coins. if your only after gold then take the at pro or even at gold, but if you get the at pro then max out the ID, notch out the silver and max out the sensativity and maybe get the small coil for smaller finds in trash areas. CTX 3030, ATP, GPP, $1 clad, 1 x Fulgarite Is there much difference between the pro and the gold apart from the kHz I only ask as I see loads of people with the pro, but I hardly hear of people with the gold Dad might be getting a gold but just thought I'd ask what the difference it between them both before hand. If someone could please enlighten me I would be very grateful Cheers, Sa

Fisher F75 vs Garrett At Pro/Gold/Max or... Thanks to Youtube, I may be starting another hobby. After reading and watching a bunch of reviews I have these detectors in the finals for my purchase. I'd like to keep the cost under $600--which nudges the Gold and Max out Comparison of Fisher 1280X vs Garrett AT Pro Metal Detectors. Compare the main Features, Specifications, Prices and Select the Best Model

If I where after Gold and wanted to stay with the Garrett brand with the unique audio the AT-GOLD would be the choiceAlthough I find other machine's are more sensitive when at or near the same freq....the one's I tried against it are the X-Terra 705 with 18.75 coil.....the Tejon,and the Gold Bug Pro....but they do not have the unique audio of the AT-Gold that helps a lot on helping I.D. I have created the following metal detector comparison table to assist you in determining the best metal detector to suit your needs. The table only consists of metal detectors that I have personally had the chance to use and experiment with. If you are interested in more detailed depth testing information, please consider checking out [ Can the Garrett AT Pro be Used for Gold Nugget Hunting? While Garret has a model specifically geared for prospecting gold, the AT Pro can be used to find gold nuggets . In its stock form, it comes with an 8.5 x 11 DD searchcoil that is typically good for large areas and is designed as an all-round metal detector suitable for many types of hunters Compared to its previous versions, the eminence of hunting has extremely improved with its enhanced detection depth. Garrett's AT Pro's coil size is large and it is another factor influencing metal detection. A main advantage of the coil used in AT Pro is its high resistance to interference. Another merit of the coil would be its excellent.

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Member; 1.2k Location: Colorado Interests: Prospecting, Mineralogy, Metal Detecting, Railroads, Coaching HS Golf, Professional Musician Gear Used: Minelab GPX 6000, Equinox 800, Vanquish 440, XP Deus Lite HF Coil, Garrett 24K, Whites MXT, Tek-Point, XP MI-6, Gold Hog River Sluices Flow Pan Royal High Banker Joined December 201 Before you buy Garrett AT Pro , make sure you know the full specifications of Garrett AT Pro with its features, reviews & comparison at CompareClick Garrett AT Pro. Retail $552.45. This all-terrain detector offers new and exclusive Garrett technology that makes it ideal for hunting coins, relics, caches, jewelry, and even gold nuggets. Select from either Standard or Professional search modes with enhanced audio features The difference between Garrett AT Pro and AT Max is that the AT Max has more features such as True All-Metal mode, threshold, Z-Lynk wireless headphones, and a backlit display. It's also a newer model with a slightly higher price tag

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Re: GARRETT AT GOLD VS. AT PRO, QUIEN GANA? @juanillo1 escribió: Entre el AT Gold y el AT Pro te recomendaría el AT Pro que tiene un plato bastante más grande y la profundidad es mayor. Si lo que vas a buscar es solo oro sería el único motivo por el que compraría el AT Gold The Best All Purpose Metal Detector: Minelab X-Terra 705 vs Garrett AT Pro. The two top selling all-purpose metal detectors in the world are the Minelab X-Terra 705 and the Garrett AT Pro. The AT Pro is probably the most widely marketed metal detector ever. Advertising aside, what makes a great all-purpose detector El modo de Audio Garrett Pro encontrado en los detectores AT Gold y AT Pro, tam- bién tiene el beneficio agregado de una recuperación de respuesta de audio más rápida mientras se cazan varios objetivos cercanos entre sí.</p> <p>En la imagen anterior, usted puede ver la diferencia entre el audio binario y el audio profesional garrett at pro vs minelab 705 on beach In the category Metal Detectors Videos more articles and learn more information about garrett at pro vs minelab 705 on beach Reviews Price Specifications Features Image manuals videos Accessories All this in metal detectors for gold Dec 2, 2016 - In this test I will put the Garrett AT Gold up against the Garrett AT pro in an air test to see if there is any advantage to either machine. If you are inter..